Gardens by the Bay - Technology Binding People and Nature

Gardens by the Bay in Singapore is an ambitious project which brings together nature and people with the help of some cutting edge technology. It does not matter whether you love nature or not, these gardens are sure to astound you!

Here is my story from a recent visit there.

Cloud Forest gardens by the bay singapore
Cloud Forest - inside the dome

Singapore is a country full of surprises and biggest one of them is the amount of greenery you can see everywhere, even on the busiest streets. Since independence, they have actually increased their green cover and take pride in this achievement. However, the country didn’t just stop there but went many miles ahead and did something which no other had dared so far - it created an environment for trees from all the world to grow and thrive in this tropical country.

It was a hot day and Naseem and I were tired and sweating with just the walk to the ticket window. I saw a cafe there and was immediately tempted to try out some cold coffee, but the calling from the two big domes was way more intense and we decided to walk ahead.

So what are the ‘Gardens by the Bay’? These gardens are a part of the strategy of Singapore to convert itself from ‘Garden City’ to ‘City in a Garden’. The difference between the two is subtle, yet profound. Currently the gardens span over an area of 101 hectares (1,010,000 m2) on reclaimed land in central Singapore.

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The gardens are spread over a large area, though its possible to walk across all of them in one day. The most impressive elements are the two Domes - Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. So what are these domes? The domes are these humongous air-conditioned structures which house trees, plants and forests inside them. These giant structures create the environment suitable for all the different flora within the same space. It’s a space which has to be seen to be believed - its an ambitious project which has been executed to perfection. Quite frankly even after spending hours walking through the two domes, I was just not done with them. I think I can go there again and again to learn more, and to empathise with these gorgeous beings from nature.

Gardens by the Bay Singapore
Gardens by the Bay from a distance

Flower Dome

The Flower Dome is larger of the two and houses trees from all across the world. Within the same space you can see gardens from Madagascar, Gardens from Australia, Gardens from California and so on. The trees are all real and you can witness them thriving in the man-made natural environment.

flower dome gardens by the bay singapore
The phenomenal glass ceiling of the Flower Dome
flower dome gardens by the bay singapore balboa trees
Balboa trees in the Flower Dome

The central part of the dome also houses a constantly changing display and when I visited it was Tulips time there. I am a not huge fan of flowers, but loved them nevertheless. There were fairy tales installations all around and that made this section a huge hit with the kids. They didn’t appeal to me and I decided to move on and explore the second dome.

Cloud Forest

The second dome houses the Cloud Forest and replicated the cool and moist tropical climatic conditions. Slightly smaller than the Flower Dome, the Cloud forest is much higher. As you enter the dome, you immediately witness the large waterfalls which can wet you if you venture too close to it. As you walk around you will be stunned to see this mini-mountain full of lush green foliage, misty clouds, and walkways for people to walk down through them.

Cloud Forest gardens by the bay singapore
Flower Dome from below
Cloud Forest gardens by the bay singapore
Walkway at the Cloud Forest

To reach up you need to take the elevator to the top floor and then you can simply walk down. As you walk down, the surroundings change with each floor - exposing us to a verity of flora from SE Asia, Africa and South America. As you come down, you will also walk through some thick mist and it gives a very good overview of the actual forests.

Supertrees Grove: OCBC Skywalk

Just outside the two domes is another architectural marvel and I think, in times to come, this will become the symbol of Singapore across the world. This structure is called Supertrees Grove. These are tree-like structures which reach for the sky with heights ranging between 25m to 50m. The highest Supertree also houses a restaurant.

Supertrees Grove OCBC Skywalk gardens by the bay singapore
The walkway between Supertrees
Supertrees Grove OCBC Skywalk gardens by the bay singapore
Another view of the walkway
There is an elevated walk-way, called OCBC Skywalk, which connects the two big supertrees. You can reach the walk-way by taking a lift from one of them. Its a short walk, but the views from top are phenomenal. You can see the harbour on one side and the Singapore skyline dotted with skyscrapers on the other. The place becomes magical in the night and one must certainly come here for the evening light show.

Supertrees Grove OCBC Skywalk gardens by the bay singapore
Gorgeous Supertrees Grove


There are two options for food inside the Gardens by the Bay - there is Cafe Crema just close to the ticket counter and there is another cafe inside the Flower Dome called Pollen.

How to reach:

There are many ways of reaching the Gardens by the Bay:
  • Walking
  • Driving 
  • Train or bus - Alight at Bayfront MRT Station (CE1/DT16) or Tanjong Pagar MRT Station (EW15)

Timings and fee:

Outdoor Gardens: 5AM - 2AM daily

Conservatories: 9AM - 9PM daily
S$8 to S$28

OCBC Skyway: 9AM - 9PM 

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  1. Sid, this post of
    yours took me to another planet. Really this exists?? I felt like I am watching
    some science fiction movie. Loved those supertrees. Though I would always
    prefer to see Baobab trees in their real, mammoth size, the whole garden information is definitely a wonder for me!

  2. Hari Om
    What an outstanding place!!! Like Shilpa, I was having sci-fi moments as I looked at these images and read your telling of them. I have only been to Singapore airport (and that too, in great rush!), maybe it's time to make a stopover! YAM xx

  3. This is really wonderful. Preserving, maintaining nature with the help of technology is true develpment and advancement of society.

  4. Marvellous! I mostly like Supertrees Grove :D

  5. I also love the Supertrees Grove :)

  6. I agree...and its such a tough job also!

  7. Completely agree with you on this - its like visiting another planet. This place really stumped me...

  8. Absolutely Shilpa! Surprisingly the place does exist :)

  9. Are you still around?


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