Kutchi Dabeli on Jungli Maharag (JM) road, Pune

Having lived in Gujarat for so many years, I am always impressed when I see Gujju food outside the state; especially when its such region based delicacy...

Kutch is the biggest district of Gujarat with the smallest population. Its mostly desert or arid land with little water or greenery. Famous mainly for its crafts and the white salt desert, food is also fantastic there. I have been there a few times, and always came back with very fond memories of delicious vegetarian food. If you ever visit Bhuj, do make sure you try out the thali at Kavio, primarily a Jain place but they allow all to eat there.

And amongst all of great Kutchi food, the Kutchi Dabeli is perhaps the most famous. I have seen people pining for the delicacy in Ahmedabad, but that's still understandable. However, my heart fills with happiness when I see it as a popular food item here as well :)

This is a small stall on JM road where we tried some Kutch Dabeli recently. I won't give you directions as the Dabeli here was as good as any other in the city that I have tried so far. Of course, it doesn't even come close to the actual Kutchi Dabeli in Kutch, its actually not bad. So go try your luck with the Dabelis in Pune and let me know :)
pune street photography food india
Little Aarti joined us for Dabeli :) 

pune street photography food india
Our Dabeli guy making our food, while life goes on on the road

pune street photography food india
And finally the Dabeli :)

-- Siddhartha Joshi