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If you love writing and want to share your travel story with the world, you have come to the right place :)

You are welcome to contribute your travel stories here and I shall publish them under the category of Guest Posts.

I won't edit your story, unless there are grammatical errors and excessive profanities. I might also edit the title (after discussing with you) to have a wider reach and better SEO. With each guest post you will get one do-follow link to your home page or a specific post, and links to three social media handles of your choice.

Here are some tips to get started:

- Do discuss the story idea with me before you pen it down completely.
- Make sure you have images to go with your story, and you must have ownership over the images (no images from internet please, unless you take them from creative commons).
- Stories can be from anywhere in the world, but they have to be based on personal experiences. There could be exceptions, but discuss with me first.
- You can do a travelogue (1000 words minimum) or a photo-story (5-10 images). Both should tell a story and should also be useful for readers (an interesting-to-read story is also useful, of course).
- No commercial links in the story. You can link to other useful web-pages (wiki page, stories on other blogs) and of course to your own blog (plus two of your own social media profiles).
- Finally, you must enjoy writing the story - if you love it, readers will love it too :)

Share your ideas here: connect[at]siddharthajoshi[dot]com


  1. "A World Without Borders?" You stay on your side of the border & I'll stay on mine!

  2. Hi Sid...Last year, I have completed my 64 days in Himalaya in just Rs. 21/- only. That tour was related Tantra... to proof that how Tantra works... Its work or not..during tour i have no mobile only a single bag with sleepers...and some cloths.. in 15 Feb to 10 April, 2015
    Now.. again i am planning to go but how... i do not know. But in your style to go this time ..So please give some tips...m.n. 8434320868,